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Chief Minister of Yangon Region Cabinet Attended the International Youth Day

Date : 15-Aug-2019 15:45 pm

Location : Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar Youth Star (MYS) is one of the PITCH country partners of Alliance Myanmar. On 10th and 11th August 2019, the MYS members were together with Yangon Youth Policy Committee holding the International Youth Day in Yangon.

To the event, the Chief Minister of Yangon Region Cabinet "U Phyo Min Then" attended and delivered the speech. That was very auspicious occasion that MYS had shared the lives and needs of Key Populations to Yangon Region Government Cabinet Members by story play on the stage and also by booth show display. 

The photo is credit to Myanmar Youth Star. It was taken while the Chief Minister visited to the booth and had a conversation with the Project Manager of Myanmar Youth Star.


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